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Christian Dior is gearing up with promoting their artistic side of the company, with continuous art exhibitions running throughout the year, and around the world. The latest art exhibition is held is Shanghai - Miss Dior Exhibition, at the Shanghai Sculpture Space until July 20th. 

The new exhibition focus on the famous perfume - Miss Dior, which was first introduced to the world back in 1947. This exhibition highlights how the fragrance retains its timeless yet modern character to this day, inspired by that great visionary who was Christian Dior. It also gives carte blanche to 16 contemporary female artists who provide their own interpretations of the fragrance’s emblematic features. They pay homage not only to one of the greatest couturiers of all time, but also to the subversive spirit of a perfume which has taken its place in history. 

There were some great artworks featured at this exhibition, including the great pink bow created out of bottles of J'adore fragrance, the multi-colored houndstooth carpet, a mega sized room out of inspirations of "the" Miss Dior, and the meticulously cut paper tapestry of an immaculate white rose. The 16 female artists created different forms of art, from painting to glass sculpture, and even short films. These are the artists and their work: 

Polly Apfelbaum - Rainbow Nirvana Houndstooth
Lara Baladi - Don't Touch Me Tomatoes & Chachacha
Carole Benzaken - Arborescence
Lee Bul - Cella
Karen Kilimnik - Sans Titre(Folly for Dior)
Carla Mattii - Type Garden #5
Maria Nepomuceno - Delilah
Shirin Neshat - Illusions and Mirrors (featuring Natalie Portman)
Tomoko Shioyasu - Spiral Rose
Alyson Shotz - Infinite Rose
Hannah Starkey - Bow
Joana Vasconcelos - J'adore Miss Dior
Ionna Vautrin - Gloriette
Liang Yuanwei - In To The Dust
Nika Zupanc - Room Of One's Own
Liu Lijie - Fan Fan

The exhibition is divided into 6 different themes (all under one roof).
Christian Dior In The Company Of Artists - Featuring works of his friends since his personal art gallery at 34 Rue de la Boetie, from 1928 to 1934. Some of the works featured came from the hands of artist Darius Milhaud, Georges Auric, Francis Poulenc, and Jean Cocteau, all great artists from the 20th century. Here's your not-to-be-missed opportunity to see their original works.
From Granville to Grasse - Dive into Christian Dior's imagination, his secret garden and glimpse of his personal life.
Perfuming The First Fashion Show, 1947 - Showing some historical and iconic pieces from the archive, and clips of Dior's first debut of the Miss Dior fragrance at this fashion show. 
The Misses Of 30 Avenue Montaigne - Miss Dior is Christian Dior's beloved sister - Catherine. It was Catherine who enhanced the Dior spirit just by her presence. Following in her footsteps, other beauties have come to epitomize eternally blossoming youth with their understated elegance and distinguished simplicity. 
Miss Dior, Perfume To The Stars - From history and present, all the iconic actresses who were named as "Miss Dior". 
Behind The Bottles - How its made, what it was like, the transformation through time, all you need to know about the bottles can be seen here. 
If you're a fan of Christian Dior, and Miss Dior fragrance, then this is definitely one exhibition you should stop by and take a closer look into the world of Dior. Plus its free admission this time, so there's no excuse to not attend!

Shanghai Sculpture Space

Photo by Leon Yuan, video courtesy of Christian Dior

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