Where to Shop Now: Club Monaco's New York Flagship on 5th Avenue


In late fall, Club Monaco re-opened its New York flagship store on lower 5th Avenue, the new store is completely revamped from the layout of the store to its concept of bridging fashion with culture. Club Monaco is my absolute favorite brand, as a Canadian, I grew up with this brand and my career in fashion took off with this company as well. I started working for the company back in 2003, and worked at various stores across Canada, and they eventually took me abroad to Hong Kong when they first expanded into Asian market. The concept was very clean and organized back then, lots of black and whites. I still remember all the photos hung on the stairwell at the Bloor Street flagship store, it was all black and white fashion portraits since the brand first launched in 1985. Everything was meticulously organized back then, perfect folding, button to button matching with dress shirts, and all the merchandise ran smallest to the largest sizes, those days are over now. The brand and its customers no longer want the all black and white look, nor do they want to see everything perfect in the store, its all about the New York style now, a mix of fashion with culture, something they've been promoting for a decade now.


Inspired by the rich history of Gilded-Age departments stores, the newly opened flagship will feature an interesting mix of new and vintage furnitures.  Still at the same location, at 5th Avenue and 21st Street, but somehow the store got much bigger inside. Adapting Ralph Lauren's mansion style, Club Monaco created its own mansion on 5th Avenue. The Women's store on the main floor is feminine in an all white tone, while the men's store down in the basement is like a cool boy's club that's darker with the rough-looking furniture pieces. 

Men's shop
Men's shop
Women's shop
Women's shop
The new Club Monaco store combined fashion and urban lifestyle together, brought in 2 unique shop-in-shops: Toby’s Estate Coffee, a hip Williamsburg mainstay, and The Strand, the iconic Manhattan bookstore. You can find these shops on the "west wing" of the mansion, which is open to coffee and conversations with friends, and flip through books in the category of art, travel, photography, food and fashion. 

Toby's Estate Coffee Shop
Strand Books

I'd say the store is much like a younger, more urban reflection to Ralph Lauren's mansion on Madison Avenue, and there are tons of RL elements you can find within the store. Both the men's and women's floor feature a dedicated section to shoes and accessories, as well as a his and her household and grooming products. Vintage accessories pieces are also more widely available at this location. Combining Ralph Lauren's signature grand staircases, how can you not relate the 2 company together!? Nonetheless, Club Monaco did find its own design personality under the massive corporation control. 

Women's Shoe Shop

Reigning Champ X Club Monaco

While you're at the store, don't forget to check out Club Monaco's limited edition logo sweatshirts and pants, in collaboration with Canadian athletic-wear master - Reigning Champ. I had these logo sweatshirts and hoodies while growing up in Canada, it was like every high school student should have one at the time. Luckily I still have these timeless "vintage" products, and they were only 1/3 of the price than now, but didn't everything in the world got more expensive in the past decade? However, I would consider to invest in the robe and blanket, as both are great to take while I'm traveling. 

160 5th Avenue (at 21st Street), New York, NY, 10010
(212) 352 0936

Text by Leon Yuan, Photo courtesy of Club Monaco

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